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Use to Maximize Shopping Center Promotion

Inform your marketing with mobile location data



Learn How to:

• Uncover true trade areas
• Determine audiences & customer behavior
• Identify marketing hot spots
• Build data-driven marketing plans
• Maximize advertising campaigns
• Drive event strategy

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Inform your marketing with mobile location data empowers marketers with access to the key information they need to understand their true trade areas, identify customer segments, target high-value customers, and effectively allocate and measure marketing budgets. Remove the guesswork and improve decision making for all marketing activities.

But where do you start?

This guide provides an overview of how some of the best companies in the CRE industry use to make better decisions and maximize ROI.

Marketing Example

“Until, deciding which properties to buy or sell was a combination of disparate facts, intuition, and witchcraft.”

Sandy Sigal, President & CEO, NewMark Merrill Companies

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