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Use to Attract & Win the Ideal Tenants

Power leasing decisions with mobile location data



Learn How to:

• Land key tenants with data-driven pitches

• Demonstrate strengths versus competition

• Determine cross-shopping & optimize tenant mix

• Alleviate cannibalization concerns

• Target successful tenants with the best fit

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Power leasing decisions with mobile location data

Finding the perfect tenant fit and convincing the parties of a match can be quite challenging. empowers leasing professionals with instant access to data that helps find perfect tenant fits, overcome concerns of sales and demand cannibalization, and close deals.

But where do you start?

This guide provides an overview of how some of the best companies in the CRE industry use to close better deals, faster, and more often.

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“Location data is hard to argue with. When we present’s objective, fact-based information, we take the risk factor out of the equation.”

Jeff Axtell, EVP & Regional Manager, Vestar

Jeff Axtell

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