The Asset Management Guide

Use to Optimize Asset Management

Inform asset management
decisions with mobile location data



Learn How to:

Demonstrate center performance

• Inform rent negotiations

• Validate a merchandising strategy

• Measure benefits of new tenant renovation

• Optimize staffing plans & operations

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Execute efficient management mobile location data

From facilitating effective tenant negotiations, improving the overall value of a center, and demonstrating performance to stakeholders, empowers real estate managers to make better decisions – faster than ever before.

But where do you start?

This guide provides an overview of how some of the best companies in the CRE industry use to close better deals, faster, and more often.

Asset Management Example-1

"We use data to showcase the business impact and proactive management of our assets and full-scale redevelopment projects, as well as communicate our unique value proposition to key stakeholders."

Rashawn Jackson, Director of Marketing, DLC Management Corp.

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